All Things New (Take Two)

Hey that rhymed!! Don't tell me I'm the only one that starts making up a song any time words rhyme... you should hear some of my songs about my two dogs, Toes and Rose! No? Just me...?

Ok but for real... July has been intense. And we are only a third of the way in!

Little timeline of my last week for you..........

  • Last THURSDAY I put in my official notice at work ("Holy Crap what am I thinking?? I love my coworkers and boss- why would I leave this safe place?!").   
  • FRIDAY I had my first business coaching call with Polly of Horacio Printing ("I can do this. This is my calling. I need guidance, but I can do it.").   
  •  SATURDAY ("I'm free!! I'm an entrepreneur! Let's celebrateeee!") .... leading to me missing some deadlines on SUNDAY ("Do better Taira, you're a business owner now.")         
  • MONDAY at church ("Ok yes! This is my calling! God is faithful! I can do this!") 
  •   TUESDAY I went to my first Tuesdays Together in Jacksonville ("I'm not alone. There are other people as crazy as me!!"). You can find join the nation-wide group here and find your own local chapter! 

And so here we are. Wednesday. Anxious but ready. I'm at the point where I HAVE to do this. Even if I fail miserably (hopefully not!), I am going after it. So what can you expect in the upcoming weeks? 

1) New Website & New Products Launching Later This Month!!! (eep!!!) Get on my mailing list now for a huge discount on ANYTHING in my shop until then! 

2) New Instagram! I kinda spontaneously went live yesterday and y'all it needs some love! If you're interested in inspirational and motivational artwork and prints, you might wanna go follow for when s*** gets real! 

3) A launch party and TONS of pop-ups here in Jax! I'll be announcing all that soon :) If you know a business within a 3 hour radius that would like to host a little sip & stroll or pop-up, let me know! 

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On Feeling Lost When You Come Home

Moss and Twigs. That's what I told Jason I felt like last night. Like my neck was made of moss and twigs. I'm sure the migraine isn't helping. My mind is fuzzy, hazed. It's as if everything is on a delay.

Foreign in my own home, but also at home here.... have you ever had this sensation after returning from a trip? Last year I went to Italy and felt this way for weeks, but I chalked it up to some personal turbulence I had going on at the time. But here I am again, almost exactly a year later. After 10 days in Ireland, I've returned to feeling lost at home. 

Don't get me wrong, I am SO happy to be back in Jason's arms, back in my own bed, back to walking the dogs and laughing at their antics. So what is this nagging feeling? To say I felt at home in Ireland is an understatement. How strange it is to feel like you belong in anywhere but home. I've got so much to share with you all soon- photos, stories, music, and musings.

For now, I just wanted to hop on and be vulnerable with you - I don't have a solution or a word for this sensation...but I do know that this world is not meant to feel like home. Hebrews 13:14 says that  "...this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come." (New Living Translation). So good news- if you're feeling lost, you're not alone. And maybe it's exactly how we're supposed to feel sometimes, if only to remind us that our home is waiting for us with the open arms of Christ. 

 Fanora, Ireland... on the drive back from the Cliffs of Moher 

Fanora, Ireland... on the drive back from the Cliffs of Moher